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    Hello, I'm Starz Lol and this is my story.

    A long long time ago, in a galaxy right here or something...

    There lived a gamer named Justin (me!), whos username is @Starz Lol .
    He used to spam a lot, and he didn't know because he didn't read the forum guidelines (Who reads those anyway?). The people here were then disappointed by my spamming (and so am I apparently). I was even banned, going under the disguise of "Boxy & Yxob" (now known as KillerKeaton). I was a really terrible person, having a Weegee avatar and overall being stupid.
    Of course, I got better overtime, changing my avatar to something else and posting better SMBC skins.

    But someone still liked me, even back when I still spammed, who was @Meg (then known as loveforever92003). He liked me very much.
    Also, thank you all for respecting me for who I am. I really appreciate it. :)
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    I'm gonna try unblocking you in chat on the other site. It seems like your trying to do better. I'm proud of you. :)
    If you wanna talk I'll ttyl.
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