Request Steve Herrman from Shatterhand

Discussion in 'Characters' started by TheomanZero, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. TheomanZero

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    I've never played Shatterhand, but this seems like a decent possibility.
    By the way, you shouldn't double post. If you have something to add to a recent post, use the Edit button.
  2. aliceandsven

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    Well I went to merge the double-post and accidently hit "delete" instead... sorry.
  3. TheomanZero

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    Well, this is awkward. It's crediting me with starting a topic about a game I've never played.
  4. TheMaster

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    I will be sure to edit from now on. I am still getting used to the forum.

    When Steve gets a power up he could change his jacket colour (like in the game) and an alternate costume could be his Japanese counterpart. (In the Japanese version of the game he was a robot dude)

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