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    Could you please try to do these in the OP? The effort is cool, but massive numbers of consecutive posts are usually frowned upon in forums. Try compiling it all in the first post.
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    I agree. Thanks for all your hard work berserkx33!
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    You want I should merge these posts, fellas?
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    Sure, if you're up for the task then go for it. I thought of doing so then got lazy so you're a better man than I.
  5. Seiken Flame

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    I can't wait to see all of this characters in the game!!!
  6. MEGAMAN10001

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    is this thread over?
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    add adam malkovitch
  8. Seiken Flame

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    Did someone can make another list of all characters suggestions???
  9. TheYO

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  10. Mastur_Cheef

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    uhm, it may be a longshot but...

    Okay, so I admit I am new to the forums, but I have been playing the crossover game since its release, and there is one person I have had in mind. Master Chief. I know what you're thinking, stupid. But I honestly think he could make a good addition. But spice it up. Maybe in normal state you could have no armor, just regular clothing. And on mushroom you get the suit and energy sword for close range attacks, and fireflower gives you a plasma pistol.
  11. TheYO

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