Super Mario 2D World

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Which was your most used character after the challenge?

  1. Mario

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  2. Luigi

  3. Toad

  4. Peach

  1. Sergy92

    Sergy92 Level 7: Bloober

    This challenge was made to celebrate the upcoming release of Super Mario 3D World, where we'll eventually get to play as Toad and Peach in a 4 player Co-op 25 years after SMB2.

    - You can only play as Mario and Luigi and their respective Toad and Peach skins.
    - Map skin: Any (Remember to give the character its matching style. Example: If you use a 16-bit map skin, the characters should be in their 16-bit skins)
    - Map pack: Both
    - Map difficulty: Any but preferibly Normal
    - Starting lives: Any
    - Start with Mushroom: Yes (In Super Mario 3D Land and 3D World you respawn in Mushroom form)
    - No cheats and/or Warp Zones
    - You can't change character if you die
    - Keep track of how many stages you cleared as every character (The final count should be 32) and put up in the poll above who was the most used character for you.

    This is just to have fun. So, have it!
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  2. Marionic12

    Marionic12 Level 1: Goomba

    did it. :D Imma luweegee, numera wan!

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