News Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 Released

Super Mario Bros. Crossover gets skinnable graphics and a new power-up system.

  1. Jay

    Jay Level 13: ER Team

  2. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    Whoooooooooooooa! :D :D :D :awesome:
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  3. aliceandsven

    aliceandsven Level 9: Spike Top

    doobie doo

    Bass will brew

    goomba stew

    Congratulations Jay and Ryuza, and thanks for everything!
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  4. Crownjo

    Crownjo Level 7: Bloober

    It's not uploaded yet?
  5. it is press and hold shift then hit refresh to get a new refresh and not reload the same old one
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  6. x3point14

    x3point14 Level 6: Lakitu

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  7. homelesshero

    homelesshero Level 0: Newbie

    this is easily the best flash game on the internet, congrats jay on getting this far.
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  8. Franpa

    Franpa Level 3: Paratroopa

    In the future, can you add an option to switch to 4:3 aspect ratio? (If it isn't already) as that's what most TV's in the 90's/80's displayed at and is likely the intended way for most games to be displayed in (There are some SNES games that are designed for the 5:4 aspect the SNES natively outputs but not many, most are designed with the stretching effect a 4:3 TV would cause taken into account.).

    Edit: Also the ability to resize the game, but I guess that would have to wait until you move away from Flash?
  9. Nemephosis

    Nemephosis Level 6: Lakitu

    It's released??

    MOTHERFUCKER. there goes any sleep I had planned on getting!

    Fuck me, time to see what the hype train was all about. I can't fucking wait.

    edit: Okay, so I fucking suck ass already. I have now died four times in rapid succession by forgetting I CAN'T STOMP ENEMIES. lol. I feel like such a fucking noob again. And honestly? I LOVE it. I so rarely get that feeling anymore.

    edit 2: Aw, did the characters lose their individual invincibility star music scores? Link's was just the regular SMB one. Unless it's my skin settings. That might have something to do with it...
  10. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    This is amazing! I've already finished the game once, but this version is unforgiving! o.o

    When you get hit, you lose all your power-ups! If you're lucky enough to get a Fire Flower, you get them all back, but that's happened for me a couple of times. I'm wondering if it's character-specific or if you have to get one in the same level in which you lost the power-ups or if you need to get one without dying. In any case, this is rough! It does keep from becoming fully powered early and just cheesing your way through the game, though.
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  11. Nemephosis

    Nemephosis Level 6: Lakitu

    I really do not like how Sophia can no longer jump onto a ceiling. I hope this is a cheat I can unlock. Not a fan of that at all.

    Also I guess that's one way to tone Bill down: Give him shit weapons and make him die in one hit.

    Also, I have no idea what Ryu is supposed to have 20 of, all I know is I don't have any shurikens anymore.

    It seems like the cast of characters may have grown, but the actually useful character list has shrunk...

    I mean I could be just too set in the old ways still, I've been playing this for about 27 minutes, but... I dunno. It's not like things can't be changed or tweaked or anything.

    Maybe "classic" versions of Ryu and Sophia (where they keep all their cool new stuff but retain old properties, like sticking to a ceiling when you jump at it) can be made into a cheat you earn, like... beat Survival with that character or something of the sort.

    edit 3: ANd Mega Man can't slide the whole length of a floor anymore by holding down and mashing the jump button... is there anything else these characters can't do I should know about?
  12. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    All of the special abilities that many characters once had to begin with they now collect throughout the game. SOPHIA does get the wall and ceiling climbing abilities. :)
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  13. Frozsoul

    Frozsoul Level 6: Lakitu

    Pardon my french but...

    FUCK YES!!!!!

    Thank you Jay and Ryuza. Thank you thank you....
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  14. Nemephosis

    Nemephosis Level 6: Lakitu

    Oh, jeez.

    edit: World 5 isn't supposed to be a dark motif, is it? You'd think I would know that. I just started 5-1 and it's dark... I think only worlds 3 and 6 are like that, right? I honestly do not remember.

    edit: Okay, yeah, 5-2. It's definitely a "daytime" level, but world 5 ended up set at night, lol.

    Also, I'm not sold on this whole powerup system. It seems like to get the most out of playing a character you have to go through the whole game as them, whereas before you can pick and choose characters that are best suited to each level.

    Perhaps some sort of cheat or difficulty setting that brings back the old fire flower system, where getting a flower fully powers you up? That could be cool. I dunno, I'm just not... feeling it, I guess.
  15. silentshadowxp

    silentshadowxp Level 7: Bloober

    This was certainly unexpected! I guess my skinning projects are going to be put on hold for a few days! XD
  16. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    Yeah, World 5 supposed to be daytime. I'm collecting a list of some bugs I've come across and I'll report them when I'm done playing for tonight. :p

    The power-up system is definitely both awesome and frustrating. I love collecting all the various power-ups and getting stronger over time, but
    I hate losing them all from getting hit once, and then having to recollect them all over again. It would be nice if collecting a Super Mushroom would restore all the power-ups you had when you were hit, rather than have to hope for a Fire Flower or just start recollecting.
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  17. Nemephosis

    Nemephosis Level 6: Lakitu

    I would just like an option (maybe a Wuss game difficulty mode, lol) that brings back the old system but fire flowers fully power you. lol. I dunno. Maybe this will grow on me. I'm willing to try it some more.

    Also, 7-1 is dark and should be light.

    edit: The end of 7-2 is dark and should be light

    edit 2: There is no castle backdrop on 8-3 after the second set of hammer brothers on bricks

    edit 3: Why the fuck did it take me until I beat the game to realize Bass doesn't suck? I thought he blew ass at first until I realized he can double jump and fire in seven directions (not straight down.) Fuck! That makes him a LOT better. lol.

    edit 4: Whatever the cheat you get by collecting 200 ammo pickups is, it's broken. It says I collected 0, when I collected a shitload of bombs, arrows, and missiles. ARG
  18. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    I would like to say that I think Dr. Wily turned out very well! I love what Zach did with his eyebrows when he starts moving! And the way his head bobs when he starts moving, you can make Dr. Wily dance! Also, I love the choice of missiles for his Hard Knuckle attack. Nicely done, Zach! :D
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  19. Nemephosis

    Nemephosis Level 6: Lakitu

    Alright, well, the more I play with this, the warmer I get to it... I just... ugh! So brutal to get six or seven powerups and then OH SHIT SON YOU BACK TO SQUAH ONE BOIIII. Fucking rough...

    edit: WOndering. Could Simon and Samus be given the "inventory" system Link Megaman and Bass have? Wherein you can select between the wave beam and the ice beam instead of having to collect one or the other, or selecting between subweapons for Simon, etc.

    edit: LOL. Dark Link fires arrows to the side but they come out pointing up. They still travel to the side though... so they work fine, they're just pointed the wrong way. It looks hilarious though. And of course, shooting them up points them to the side... :D
  20. sbq92

    sbq92 Level 9: Spike Top

    It looks like Jay has made it more like the original games, where you could only have one beam/sup-weapon/ninjutsu (Ryu) at a time. Mega Man, Bass, and Link, on the other hand, had all their weapons at their disposal at any time, so Jay has mimicked that in the game.
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