News Super Mario Bros. Crossover 3.0 Trailer

Today is the three year anniversary of Super Mario Bros. Crossover, so we figured it was a good day to release the trailer for version 3.0.

  1. Jay

    Jay Level 13: ER Team

  2. aliceandsven

    aliceandsven Level 9: Spike Top

  3. Frozsoul

    Frozsoul Level 6: Lakitu

    Congratulations on what looks to be another epic update and a smashing way to start the summer! Everything in the trailer looks superb, and I'm especially excited to see that my Benjamin skin has finally made the cut! :) As always, thanks for the continued hard work!
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  4. pdba

    pdba Level 2: Koopa

    !!! Woot Woot. That looks freaking awesome!!
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  5. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    Special is nearly upon us!!! I gotta go watch the video a second time!
  6. French rocks

    French rocks Level -1: Banned

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  7. aliceandsven

    aliceandsven Level 9: Spike Top

    If you're not seeing the new logo at the top of the page, hold down Shift while refreshing!
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  8. Dilemn X

    Dilemn X Level 1: Goomba

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  9. Urutsune

    Urutsune Level 6: Lakitu

    Totally worth the wait! This is going to be so awesome! I AM SO HAPPY FOR SMB SPECIAL! Yayzorz! Let us all celebrate by putting up SMBC wallpapers on our desktops!
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  10. JetSetCube

    JetSetCube Level 0: Newbie

    Completely blown away at how much content these updates contain. Can't wait!
  11. Alias X Beoulve

    Alias X Beoulve Level -1: Banned

    Oh my god. I fucking flipped my shit.
    I can't wait for this update. It looks SO good. All the awesome skins, especially Alex (Kunio) of the Nekketsu series.
    All the other new skins look amazing as well, and I love where you guys have taken this game in the way of levels, bosses, and powerups!
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  12. Jdaster64

    Jdaster64 Level 2: Koopa

    This all looks sweet, I've wanted to play a proper version of Special for some time, even if I am a diehard Lost Levels fan. I'd forgotten about some of the added skins in the last version as well. The difficulty-based level changes sound intriguing as well.

    Any chance of the enemy hitboxes finally being changed to match their original counterparts? Because that's pretty much the only remaining major disconnect between SMBC and the original SMB.
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  13. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    The Easy/Hard levels is a wonderful idea. I hope the old differences from Easy, Hard, and Extreme are mostly scrapped and completely replaced with this new concept. Also, this will make VS and All Night Nippon versions possible when The Lost Levels are added.
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  14. Ryuza

    Ryuza Level 6: Lakitu

    Can't wait to see all of your reactions to the hard mode stages I made for the original SMB levels. :D

    I made sure to include some really crazy parts in some of the stages. >:]
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  15. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    Then it was YOUR idea to have a False Bowser guard the Warp Zones in the video!

    Good job, Zach. Keep up the awesome work!
  16. TiagoDu

    TiagoDu Level 6: Lakitu

    WOW! That`s some serious sheetz! Gonna list the updatez on da video!!!11!

    1. SMBS Levels (Finally some cool new levulz!)
    2. SMBS Skins for Levels, Enemies and Characters (Sharp X port of SMBC anyone :p )
    3. Atari Skins for Levels, Enemies and Characters (Yay for lowrez!)
    4. SMB2 NES Level Skin (More content is always better in SMBC!)
    5. Alex Skin for Simon (Gonna beat the sheetz outta that turtlez :p )
    6. SMB2 SNES Level Skin (Cool!)
    7. SMB2 SNES Toad skin for Mario (Can expect a Peach one too?)
    8. Hard and Easy versions of levels (Now THESE are real difficulty levels :) )
    9. SMB2 SNES Peach skin for Luigi (Saw that comin' :p )
    10. Benjamin skin for Link ( this Final Fantasy? I'm not sure. :p )
    11. Trevor? SNES skin for Simon (What the?...Zombie Trevor?)
    12. Trevor? NES skin for Simon (I really dunno from where this is.)
    13. Erdrick skin for Link (Now THIS one i know. I'm a Dragon Quest fan ;) )
    14. Castlevania NES level skin (WOOHOO! Gotta love Jay and Ryuza :D )
    15. Richter NES skin for Simon (Really close to the ROB/SOTN ones. Really good! :) )
    16. Cut Man skin for Mega Man (Robot Masters FTW!!!)
    17. Ice Man skin for Mega Man (I think i can expect all MM1 Robot Masters? :) )
    18. More things that weren't shown in the videos (im sure there is some secrets still)


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  17. Anon421

    Anon421 Guest

    So if I understood this correctly, SMBC 3.0 is basicly SMBC^∞*³, 3 times infinite gameplay. Well, I guess this means it will take us 3 times longer to "unfinish" this game. :D
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  18. Ryuza

    Ryuza Level 6: Lakitu

    The Trevor? skins are the fake Trevors from Castlevania 3 and Symphony of the Night. I should also mention that Blaine (sbq92) did the majority of the skin work for this update, including the Castlevania skin. :D

    I've been working on SRS lately and just took a small break to make the hard mode stuff for the first eight worlds and update a few skins I had worked on before.
  19. TiagoDu

    TiagoDu Level 6: Lakitu

    You can never unfinish with SMBC. There's way too much content to try all the possibilities

    2 Level Packs * 3 Level Versions * 10 Characters * God knows how much skins * Cheats and Difficulty Levels * Game Modes * You know you will play thru it more that 20 times.
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  20. TiagoDu

    TiagoDu Level 6: Lakitu

    Sorry for the miscredit, but it's all teamwork so i think we must thank you all for the awesome amazingness golden applesauce.

    If you can do this on SMBC in a little parttime, imagine how SRS will be. :awesome::awesome::awesome::awesome::awesome::awesome::awesome::awesome::awesome::awesome::awesome::awesome::awesome::awesome:

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