Request Super Power-up Crossover!

Discussion in 'Features' started by Eric Thorstad, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Eric Thorstad

    Eric Thorstad Level 2: Koopa

    I think it would be fun if you could get the power ups that other characters use. Just imagine Mario using link's sword, or Simon Belmont using Mario's fireballs as a sub-weapon.

    This could also go along with the addition of levels from other character's games. You are playing in a Castlevania 1 level as Samus, hit a candle, and out falls the whip power up. This gives Samus the whip, or she gets to use the Castlevania sub-weapons.
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  2. SimplyMatt

    SimplyMatt Level 2: Koopa

    Brilliant. Problem is, getting the shitload of custom-made graphics, implementing the thousand lines of code and whatnot takes time, but seeing as things are with Jay and the community alike really caring about the game and are always trying to add new features to make the game to feel even more like a crossover, it could be a possibility. Wouldn't mind seeing mixed power-up and even new levels in-game, but you really can't ask for too much.

    If there were new levels though, it might be more purposeful to just start a new game, something like 'Nintendo All-Stars'. Still, massive project.
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  3. Eric Thorstad

    Eric Thorstad Level 2: Koopa

    Perhaps, just to field test the idea, it could be done in the current levels and maps.

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