The Extreme Speed Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Nutty20, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Nutty20

    Nutty20 Level 3: Paratroopa

    Well, since challenges are really popular, I decided to make on. So ladies and gentlemen, I present:

    The Extreme Speed Challenge!
    Now this may seem like your normal Speedrun challenge, but on Very Hard mode. But
    there is a twist. NO CHEATS! Yeah, this is going to be a bit difficult...


    First, play the game on very hard mode. This is a Speedrun, so go the fastest you can. Don't forget to write down or remember the times you got on each level.

    When you beat the game, add up all times you got. Then, go to this post and tell me the time you got all together. Then, I give you a rating. 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest.


    1. No Cheats (I stated that earlier, but I don't care)

    2. Ignore your lifes. If you die once, its game over.

    3. The only mode you play on is Very Hard, nothing else.

    4. You cannot take the Upper Path in any level (Be honest, you where going to do that in 1-2 weren't you)

    5. No playing as Sophia.

    6. If you complete a level with a lower time then 2:00, you don't get scored for that level.

    7. You can't use secrets or warp zones.

    Well, thats all. I hope you enjoy:
    The Extreme Speed Challenge!
  2. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    → Do you have any idea about what a TAS is?

    → This is kind of similar to the Rage Quit Speedrun or something.
  3. Nutty20

    Nutty20 Level 3: Paratroopa

    1. TAS = Tool Assisted Speedrun

    2. The Rage Quit Speedrun is really outdated. Besides, its more of a joke then a Speedrun.
  4. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    → Good job! And do you know what an assisting tool for a speedrun is?

    → So you're telling me it is possible to do this?
  5. uglyrodent

    uglyrodent Level 9: Spike Top

    What Rey is driving at in his roundabout manner is that a "Tool-Assisted Speedrun" means an AI or computer player is using glitches and perfectly calculated motions to complete a game rapidly. It does not mean the character's abilities were used.

    You can forbid Rush Coil and Hovering if you want (although I have no idea how those are contradictory to having skill), but they wouldn't qualify it as a TAS because it would still be a human player, and they wouldn't be using a Tool, at least not in the context of a TAS.
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  6. Nemephosis

    Nemephosis Level 6: Lakitu

    lmfao. As demonstrated in this thread there is a large difference between "book smart" and "life smart".
  7. Nutty20

    Nutty20 Level 3: Paratroopa

    Look, do have to make this into an argument? Haters are just going to come along and stalk me. I'm just trying to make a challenge.

    I understand that a TAS revolve around glitches. Lets continue on with are lifes.
  8. uglyrodent

    uglyrodent Level 9: Spike Top

    Stop hating =_=;
    We're not making this into an argument, and aside from Nemephosis nobody is hating on you. You made a perfectly fine challenge, but you misused the term "TAS" and we were trying to politely correct you. I'm sorry if you took it the wrong way, but we simply had nothing but good intentions.
  9. Nemephosis

    Nemephosis Level 6: Lakitu

    Sorry, I don't exactly have much respect for people who say "you're an asshole and I'm ignoring you".
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  10. uglyrodent

    uglyrodent Level 9: Spike Top

    The thread isn't failed, we've just gotten on a bit of a derail. I'm sure once someone does the challenge (hell, I might if it gets things going again) things will be fine.

    And...well, don't call other members assholes. I know Nemephosis is on his/her worst behavior right now, but if you call him an asshole, he'll call you an asshole and it'll become a thing. It's best to report it and move on without responding.

    Can we all get back on topic now?
  11. TheomanZero

    TheomanZero Level 9: Spike Top

    "TAS" means it makes use of features specific to emulators, such as slow motion and save states (in games that don't already have them). It's only relevant to games that can be played as ROMs on emulators, so SMBC is safe from tool assistance.
  12. Nutty20

    Nutty20 Level 3: Paratroopa

    1. I didn't say THIS thread failed, I was referring to another thread...

    2. Just so you know, I blocked Nemephosis. He is just being a stalker, so I reported him twice.

    I thought we settled this already :\
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  13. Nemephosis

    Nemephosis Level 6: Lakitu

    And twice, nothing has happened. So... I guess I am not doing anything wrong. FYI, quoting posts isn't stalking. I haven't sent you messages or anything of the sort, so... yeah.


    deal with it
  14. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    Well I said it the wrong way indeed, but I only wanted to point out about the definition of TAS.

    ANYWAY, I'm not wanting to destroy your threads. I only find it extreme. Like, all these restrictions makes the game super hard!
    Not imposible, but... have you tried yourself anyway?
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  15. Nemephosis

    Nemephosis Level 6: Lakitu

    Hardest challenge ever: don't jump on enemies

  16. TheomanZero

    TheomanZero Level 9: Spike Top

    I just wanted to make it completely clear, once and for all, for everyone.
  17. aliceandsven

    aliceandsven Level 9: Spike Top

    Please attempt the challenge or discuss it.

    The challenge is hardly impossible, it's actually a pretty basic, run-of-the-mill speed run (one life, no warp cheating) just on Very Hard.
  18. Nutty20

    Nutty20 Level 3: Paratroopa

    I made some changes, but thats still only your opinion. Some people have skill and others just suck balls at this.

    From here on out, I only want to see completed times or discussion. No more TAS augments.
  19. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    What about beginning yourself? This way, you could show of how we can post our records. :)
  20. Rey D

    Rey D Level 12: Super Mod

    → Wait.
    You beat the world of Super Mario Bros.
    With one life.
    With all ennemies.
    On very hard.
    No warp.
    No "let's walk on ceiling" trick.
    No cheat.


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