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Discussion in 'Challenges' started by aliceandsven, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. aliceandsven

    aliceandsven Level 9: Spike Top

    I looked through the forum, and couldn't find anything like this, so let's start one.

    I'm a fan of things like speed-runs, I think they're an interesting way to give a game extra replay value. So I got to thinking about various challenging ways to play SMC and I've come up with a couple ideas so far, but they're going to need testing.

    I'd like to have a thread where those who are up for the challenge make attempts at listed achievements, or submit their own, and we can work together to test the achievements and make sure they're possible and try to conquer them. If you're feeling competitive, feel free to post videos as proof of your glory! Videos would be great, not only for this, but as a way to spread the word about this game and get it out to more people (Youtube).

    So go ahead and share your ideas if you're interested.

    Here are some possible ideas to start with, however they're not tested (help would be great) and I don't exactly have specifics worked out yet:

    Speed Run: Obviously! Start at 1-1 and finish 8-4 with the lowest total time possible. Warps and Bonus pipes/vines are allowed.

    No-Kills: Clear all stages in order without using warps or bonus pipes/vines, and without killing any foe. Additionally, you can add even more challenge by playing No-Link, Link is very good at not killing things, actually.

    No-Points: Start at 1-1 and beat 8-4. Warp pipes and Bonus pipes/vines are allowed. The goal is to get as few points as possible by the end of 8-4. Again, No-Link if you want.

    No-Powerups: Clear all stages in order without using warps or bonus pipes/vines. Don't pick up any mushrooms or fire flowers or invincible stars along the way.

    No-Continue: Clear all stages in order without using warps or bonus pipes/vines, and without using any continues.

    Bridge Burner: Defeat Bowser in all eight worlds by dropping him into the fire.
  2. achievements are lame. they are just cheap gimmicks to try to add meaning to the meaningless.
    my point is. you don't need any reward. you just need your own satisfaction of knowing you did it.

    like when I beat the weapon on final fantasy 8. I didn't do it for achievements. I did it for my own reasons.
    just because you don't get a reward for doing it. doesn't mean you shouldn't try to do it anyway.

    my friends and I always tried to do terribly hard things on video games. and we never had a reward system. other than our own selves saying. YES I DID IT!

    all achievements do is give you bragging rights. and that's not what achieving things should be about.

    like when I was a kid, I made a goal of beating Super Mario Bros without getting any power ups and without dying once, or using a warp zone. and I did it. but I don't have an achievement point saying I did it. but I know I did it. and that's all I need to know. that's all that matters to me.

    and I know I'm not alone on this becuase i've expressed this on other forums and had way more people agreeing with me than I ever imagined. (I thought I was a lone wolf on this) but it seems only with people around my own age feel this way. (I'm 28) as it seems the younger generation feels they NEED a present to do stupid meaningless hard things on a game.
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  3. aliceandsven

    aliceandsven Level 9: Spike Top

    That's what I meant, actually. Bragging rights are optional, proof that you did it is optional (except when we're trying to figure out if these things are even possible). The goal is to give everyone a challenge to attempt instead of playing through normally, like you were saying.

    I meant achievement in the actual sense of the word, not the corny pop-up rewards that interrupt game-play :p

    The corny names for the challenges were included only to keep things orderly and neat.
  4. Eriko hemming

    Eriko hemming Level 1: Goomba

    Achievements would be nice, just to give you a reason to play through more than once

    Or maybe just a series of challenges maybe its own mode
  5. okay, well you meant for just keeping it in the forum. and not implementing onto the game? that's something I'm 100% for :D that's a good idea in my book. a good one for me would be, complete game with all characters without using warp pipes. meaning if you start with samus in level 1-1 you use her for all of them. till you beat it with her.

    this is something hard for me. because I love to mix and match people according to what level I'm playing in. like if it's a water level I love to use Samus. because her under water jump is alright, and her shots stun the baddies long enough to just murder them. and if you got the wave gun you can even shoot through walls.

    but you could call that won

    100% COMPLETION: complete entire game with each character.

    my point is. you can do that yourself. it seems like modern youth gamers are getting lazy and sadly expecting companies to give them the extra reason, instead of making it themselves. and that's a huge limiter. because you can come up with way more reasons than the developers can.
  6. Urutsune

    Urutsune Level 6: Lakitu

    There is nothing wrong with achivements, I would happily try to get them all in a such a great game like SMBC.

    There could be an achivement for complete the game while having all of your chraacters fully powered up. It is harder then what it sounds like but I did it several times.

    Also obviously one for beat the game by only killing enemies with jumping on them.

    Or could be one for the opposite, beat the game without jumping on any enemies. But it would be a little tricky with the annoying fish bridge parts. But with use of warp zones it would be less problem.

    There could be a lot of example like
    -Kill Bowser every time with an attack and each time using a different character
    -Kill the Lakitu on every stage
    -Finish the game with X number of lives

    and the list could go on...
  7. I like the beat the game with every one fully powered up one. I'm going to try that as soon as I find out how to get my computer not affected by the hijack virus I got.(been working on it now for more than 24 hours without any rest). but that one does sound hard, but extremely doable. I also like the kill every badguy by jumping on them. all of a sudden bill wouldn't have such an advantage :p although that one would be murder for Simon Belmont.
  8. Hazon

    Hazon Level 1: Goomba

    3 down here

    Samus Fanatic. Use samus for 30 levels in a row.
    Cheating N00b Use the 1.1 cheats 50 times.
    Madness? This.... Is...... SMBC Beat all characters no hit with no powerups or warp zones.
  9. J Squared

    J Squared Level 7: Bloober

    On the "Extreme" difficulty setting.
  10. Cheese

    Cheese Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

    I like achievements that are built into games when they are stupid things you wouldn't normally think to bother with.
    For instance, carrying Gnome Chompski through Half-Life 2: Episode Two and Left 4 Dead 2.
    It's a fun diversion from normal gameplay, it's challenging, and it's something you really wouldn't think to do yourself.
  11. J Squared

    J Squared Level 7: Bloober

    I'd just like to point out that, with the addition of the "Play as One Character" gameplay mode to SMBC v1.1, ideas like this are much more time-efficient. The player doesn't have to go through the character select screen and its associated cutscenes anymore. =D
  12. DCEnygma

    DCEnygma Level 1: Goomba

    I came up with an Achievement list of my own, including appropriate Gamerscore points I feel make sense. What do you guys think?

    Achievement Name - Gamerscore - Description
    Plumber of the Week - 5 - Defeat Bowser with Mario without using the bridge control on Easy or higher.
    Vampire Killer - 5 - Defeat Bowser with Simon without using the bridge control on Easy or higher.
    Bounty Hunter - 5 - Defeat Bowser with Samus without using the bridge control on Easy or higher.
    Hero of Hyrule - 5 - Defeat Bowser with Link without using the bridge control on Easy or higher.
    Contra Code - 5 - Defeat Bowser with Bill Rizer without using the bridge control on Easy or higher.
    Ninja Arts - 5 - Defeat Bowser with Ryu without using the bridge control on Easy or higher.
    Robot Master - 5 - Defeat Bowser with Mega Man without using the bridge control on Easy or higher.
    Super Mario - 30 - Beat the entire game as only Mario. (Normal difficulty or higher)
    Simon's Quest - 30 - Beat the entire game as only Simon. (Normal difficulty or higher)
    Metriod Prime - 30 - Beat the entire game as only Samus. (Normal difficulty or higher)
    Link's Adventure - 30 - Beat the entire game as only Link. (Normal difficulty or higher)
    Operation C - 30 - Beat the entire game as only Bill Rizer. (Normal difficulty or higher)
    Dark Dragon Sword - 30 - Beat the entire game as only Ryu. (Normal difficulty or higher)
    Powered Up - 30 - Beat the entire game as only Mega Man. (Normal difficulty or higher)
    Plumber of the Year - 50 - Beat the game with Mario on Extreme difficulty without getting a Game Over.
    Dracula's Curse - 50 - Beat the game with Simon on Extreme difficulty without getting a Game Over.
    Zero Mission - 50 - Beat the game with Samus on Extreme difficulty without getting a Game Over.
    Link's Awakening - 50 - Beat the game with Link on Extreme difficulty without getting a Game Over.
    Super C - 50 - Beat the game with Bill Rizer on Extreme difficulty without getting a Game Over.
    Ninja Gaiden - 50 - Beat the game with Ryu on Extreme difficulty without getting a Game Over.
    Wily's Revenge - 50 - Beat the game with Mega Man on Extreme difficulty without getting a Game Over.
    Save the Princess - 10 - Beat Bowser on stage 8-4 on any difficulty.
    Savior of Mushroom Kingdom - 50 - Beat the game on Hard difficulty or higher.
    Super Star - 50 - Beat the game on Extreme difficulty or higher.
    Welcome to Warp Zone - 5 - Use a Warp Zone pipe.
    Ashes to Ashes… - 5 - Defeat Bowser with any character by using the bridge control.
    Downgraded - 5 - Get a Fire Flower when you have no Mushroom power-up.
    Treasure in the Sky - 10 - Climb a beanstalk to a bonus area.
    Cat O' Nine - 10 - Have 9 lives in reserve.
    Around the World - 10 - Get to stage 8-1 without using a Warp Pipe.
    Mr. Moneybags - 10 - Collect 50 coins in a single level.
    Not So Invincible Now! - 10 - Defeat a Spike Top.
    Rack 'Em Up - 10 - Get a 1-up using a Koopa shell.
    Brick Breaker - 10 - Break at least 10 bricks with one attack.
    No Strategy Guide Necessary - 10 - Beat the game by only playing through 8 stages.
    Ultimate Fighting Force - 10 - Complete any stage with all characters fully powered up.
    Downward Thrust! - 15 - Defeat 3 Enemies in a row (without touching the ground) using Link's downward thrust.
    Sword Thrower - 15 - Defeat a Lakitu by only throwing Link's sword on Normal difficulty or higher.
    Axe Grinder - 15 - Defeat a Lakitu by only throwing Simon's axes on Normal difficulty or higher.
    Duel - 15 - Defeat a Lakitu by only using Ryu's sword attack on Extreme difficulty or higher.
    Slide for Home - 20 - Slide underneath Bowser with Mega Man.
    Bomberwoman - 20 - Defeat Bowser using only Samus' bombs on Normal difficulty or higher.
    Path of the Ninja - 20 - Complete stage 8-1 using Ryu on Extreme difficulty.
    True Platformer - 20 - Complete stage 8-1 using Simon with Simon Easy Jump turned Off.
    Whip It Good - 20 - Defeat Bowser with Simon on Normal difficulty or higher using only his whip.
    The 1(-up) that Got Away - 5 - Watch a 1-up Mushroom fall down a hole.
    Fish Out of Water - 5 - Complete any stage with Water Mode turned On.
    Just Getting Warmed Up - 5 - Get a Game Over on Very Easy.
    So Close… - 5 - Get a Game Over on stage 8-4.
    Total Points - 1000
  13. 0racle

    0racle Level 2: Koopa

    Jump rope master - Jump over your windmill shuriken 5 times using Ryu Hyubasa.
  14. Invertin

    Invertin Level 3: Paratroopa

    It's not really an achievement, but it's not worth it's own thread. I've been doing what I call a "teamwork" playthrough. Basically, play as one character until they die, then, play as another. Keep going as long as you possibly can with a team. Try to keep the team alive as much as possible, without using warp pipes if you think that'd make it too easy.

    You can't change the current team-member until they've died. So if you're megaman on a stage that megaman is terrible on, you can't switch to samus to make things easier. And killing off megaman will make it harder later on when you run out of characters.

    I normally start with mario and die early on due to cockiness.
  15. spiketop

    spiketop Level 2: Koopa

    i only got to 2-2 those bloopas are annoying
  16. ketchupninja

    ketchupninja Level 9: Spike Top

    Re: Feature Requests

    Postby ketchupninja » Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:00 pm
    Medal ideas: Super easy: COINAGE: Get 100 coins,SHELLFACE: Kill 2 enemies with 1 koopa shell,FAKEBOWSER?!: Beat 1-4 in mushroom form throughout the level, LOST: Let a mushroom fall down a hole,OUTOFTHESKY: kill Lakitu,SLOW: run out of time. Easy:DOWNWARDTHRUSTED: Kill Bowser using only DWT, MONEY:Get 5 or more coins with 1 boomerang,SECONDTIME'SNOTTHECHARM: Kill Lakitu twice in 1 level,LEAVENOSURVIVORS: Kill all enemies in 1 level,TOPOFTHEFLAG: Get a 5000,BACKUP: Have 10 lives in normal mode,BOMBED: Kill Bowser using only bombs,SKYHIGH: Go above the top of the screen. Medium:WINNER:Beat the game,UPCLOSEANDPERSONAL: Beat Bowser using only melee, FFBILL'SBEENBUSY:Kill all enemies in 1 world,GLIDER: Stay in the air for 7.5 seconds,BADD
    ODGER: get hit 50 times throughout the game, ADDICTED:play for 20 minutes in 1 session, JUMPER:jump over the first pit in world 8-4 as MM. Hard:HEAVYARTILLARY:Have all characters at FF, DEPOPULATER:Kill all enemies For 5 worlds straight,REALWINNER: Beat the game on hard, COMBO:kill 5 enemies with 1 shell,KEEPCOMINGBACKFORMORE: Kill Lakitu 5 Times in 1 level, EPICJUMPER:beat the game with simon with hard jump turned on, Super hard:ULTRAWINNER: Beat the game on extreme,SPEEDY: Dodge The WMS 85 Times and finish the level with more than 100 time left,PACIFIST: Do not kill any enemies throughout the game,INVINCIBLE: Get through 8-4 Without getting hit, BOUNCEY:Beat the game only jumping on enemies( for Bowser You jump on the Axe). :ugeek: I hope these will implemented.
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  17. Tid

    Tid Level 3: Paratroopa

    Fun game/playthrough style:
    You can only play as the weakest characters. E.G, if you have Mario on Fire Flower Level, but you only have Samus and Ryu on No-Powerup level, you can't play as Mario. See what I mean? It'd be the same if there were people other than Samus and Ryu that were on Mushroom level, you have to play as Samus and Ryu.
    Also, if you die as a character, you can't use that character again for the rest of the playthrough. If all your characters die, all the dead ones are available again.
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  18. agingerbreadbum

    agingerbreadbum Level 1: Goomba

    here's one i'm doing

    the way to victory: beat the game by pressing only the right directional button (out of all the directional buttons) i'm only past 2-3, but i'll get there.
  19. jerry

    jerry Level 6: Lakitu

    Sad that this thread got destroyed by an argument of whether achievements are useful or not. Glad to see some people making them.

    Bat Shit - Beat 7-1 on Extreme with Ryu within 50 seconds
    DANGER! ESCAPE! - Beat 8-4 on Extreme with Samus within... 90 seconds?
    Pacifist - Beat the game on Normal or higher without killing enemies, save Bowser.
  20. spiketop

    spiketop Level 2: Koopa

    misanthrope- beat the game with only one charactor
    team player- beat the game using every charactor at least 4 times
    devolution- knock a flying turtles wings off
    mad turtle disease- kill at least 3 turtles with a shell, then get killed when it rebounds
    calamari- kill 15 bloopas with ryu
    the legendary words...- downward thrust an enemie with link
    old scool- beat the game with only mario
    ingenuity- beat a bowser level with samus without leaving ball form
    SHIT!!!- fall of a cliff and die 10 times on the same level
    in water noone can see you cheat-activate 2 or more cheats while under water
    electric slide- slide as megaman while you have star power

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