The source of the Atari Dr. Mario music

Discussion in 'Game' started by CowboyJoseph64, Jan 24, 2015.

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    I made a ground-breaking discovery. Check this out, I found this while looking up Atari 2600 ports of Dr. Mario. It's an "Atari 8-bit" port.

    now, the port itself was obviously real, but the thing I was skeptical about at first was the music. It seemed to be ripped right out of SMBC, and there were no sound effects, so the guy could've easily edited in. But if you skip to 4:55 and hear the game over music... yeah definitely legit. Just something interesting that I don't think anyone knew yet.

    edit: either that or everyone knew already and I'm a fucking idiot.
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    Cool. I've never seen the actual game. I just found the music by searching.
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