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Discussion in 'Features' started by MissingNo2, Sep 24, 2013.

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    This sorta came to my head through New Super Luigi U, but then I started brainstorming through moments of boredom so bear with me.
    • Every level starts at 100 ticks and the timer caps at that point
    • Coins add time (depending on world: 1 tick for world 1, 2 for world 2, etc)
    • Multiplier depending on the map difficulty:
      Easy maps need 5 coins before the time bonus can be gained
      Hard maps get double the time bonus per coin
    • 1ups add the current time bonus x5
    • Clocks cap the timer back to 100
    • Option to whether the "Hurry!" music plays or not
    • Infinite Time cheat completely inaccessible (of course)
    I hope this isn't too unreasonable.
    (and yea it kinda isn't much of a "Time Attack" per se but I dunno what else to call it)

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