Request TMNT (NES) skins for Ryu and Simon

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    There has been talk in the past on the Ryu skin thread (and even skins created) for the heroes in the half shell. The nagging problem has been Donatello and his staff not working for Ryu. Someone mentioned making him a Simon skin, but I feel like Donnie shouldn't be the only Simon skin. My solution? Divide the Turtle skins equally between the two characters!

    Leo and Raph would be Ryu skins and Donnie and Mike would be Simon skins. Each would have one advantage/disadvantage as follows:

    Leo and Don: Stronger attack, slower weapon

    Raph and Mike: Weaker attack, faster weapon (like Haggleman)

    Gameboy skins should be possible and custom 16 bit skins could be made for the Turtles in Time soundtrack.

    Also wouldn't it be totally tubular to have two turtles on your Survival team?!! (That's a lot of Ts!!!)

    EDIT: Just had a hilarious but awesome thought! For Mike's final weapon it should be the Grappling Hook found in the NES game. Fans will also remember that his nunchucks were replaced in the later seasons of the original cartoon guessed it...A GRAPPLING HOOK!!!

    EDIT 2: Maybe to keep things consistent, the Sword Extension/Final Whip could be the Kiai Powerup.
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