Trophies (or whatever they were)

Discussion in 'Exploding Rabbit' started by sbq92, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. sbq92

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    Maybe I missed something somewhere along the line, or maybe I'm just blind, but weren't there some trophies or awards or something being awarded when the site first changed over? I got ones for a certain number of friends, a certain number of likes, being a member on the site for a certain period of time. I can't seem to find them anymore, though. Have they been removed for some reason? Or am I just unable to find them?
  2. Thunder Wing

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    Go to Your Profile Page and look on the left for Trophy Points. Click the Red Number and there you go. :D
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  4. sbq92

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    Haha wow! I can't believe I couldn't find that! Thanks!
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  6. Nitron_ZX

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    since this IS indeed already a thread...

    Might I suggest adding a trophy for getting all other trophies? a la platinum trophies on PSN or whatever the heck the 360 equivalent is.
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    And I do want to know what the 360 equivalent is....

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