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    JAGUARHX Level 2: Koopa

    Sorry my poor english.

    *WARwolf (Werewolf – the Last Warrior, NES by Data East)


    -First/star form: Human

    The Human Form can Double Jump; attack with bare knuckles; and shot the ‘’might roar’’ (a scream attack/projectile! A onomatopoeia ‘’Roar’’ projectile hit the enemys ahead)

    -‘’Might Roar’’ /Scream attack: Hold attack button.

    -Super Might Roar attack: ‘’C’’ button, but only with ammo

    -Mushroom and another itens: Transform the character in Werewolf (2 levels of transformation/ 2 werewolf forms)

    -Double Jump

    -Triple Jump: only in the Werewolf form

    -Climbing walls and roofs, like Ninja Gaiden+Sophia 3. But only in Werewolf form. Is possible attacking is this situation.

    -Item: fire gun. Warwolf can use a ‘’mini bazooka’’. UP arrow + ‘’C’’ button.

    -Item : Super Anger Special attack! A area attack/magic. Hit all in the screen. But, only use a time by iten. Or only in Werewolf Level 2 form.

    -Air rolling attack: Attack + Jump buttons in the jump.

    -Rolling attack smasher: In the air, make Down arrow +Attack

    *Extra Skins/Alternate Characters:

    *Dr. Faryan in your Werewolf & Super villain forms (Mage/cientist enemy big boss from Werewolf – last warrior).

    *Castlevania’s WereWolf/Cornell

    The Ending: change the Princess Peach to Ada (Cornell's sister)

    *Juuouki (The Beast King/Altered Beast Champion from ‘’Altered Beast’’ to NES and Master System or Mega Drive)

    With anothers beast-forms, maybe? Like another skins/alternative characters?

    WereShark; Were Lion (exclusive form from Altered Beast Nes version) ; Weretiger; Werebear; Weredragon.

    *Wolf Child

    Huuummmm… maybe not. Maybe the right way is make this idea like a new skin alternative character to Bill Ryzer/Contra’s super soldiers.


    *The Incridible Hulk (Mega drive/Super Nes versions):

    The mechanic/gameplay continue, only change the graphics. The player start with Bruce Banner (human form) and transform in 2 levels of Hulk using itens (mushrooms) . The Red Hulk/Rulk maybe be another transformation using the Fire Flower item.
    Maybe (MAYBE) the only Hulk's exclusive power/hability be carry along objects (like Mario in Mario 2 EUA)

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