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Discussion in 'Exploding Rabbit' started by Johnny, May 6, 2013.

  1. Johnny

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    Playing old school games in new ways is pretty damn awesome. But what could be better? Playing a game which is structured as an old school game but online with other people. A game where you can design your own sprite and character from the ground up. For those with no artistic ability there would be default characters they could pick. Picture a side scrolling game where you meet other people. You could be a villain or a hero. The concept can be taken way further than crappy Maple Story. Basically even calling the game 8 Bit Universe could be cool cause thats what it would be. I would think structuring the game like Zelda 2 or Castlevania 2 could work.
  2. Faruga

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  3. Johnny

    Johnny Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

    The concept I know is already used for Well of Souls. But I am thinking a concept like that can be way expanded to a multi platform, side scrolling, 8 Bit MPOG. Well of Souls is kind of primitive. It is pretty much just point and click and most of the character and enemy images are bitmaps. Its fun from what I remember playing in 1998 (I am shocked its still around) but again could be taken so much further.
  4. Mistergrey

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    Hm, this would be cool, but like a lot of the ideas we brainstormed in the past, you'd have to know how to implement something like the level of customization you want, or find someone who does. Otherwise, it even sounds simple to make, and better than stuff like Maple Story.
  5. Crownjo

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    Holy shit I used to play that game like a boss.

    It would be cool to make a game for ER but what would be good? Even if I was a brilliant programmer I would never get the help I need to make the game since no one has free time anymore... =(

    So all I do is think of ideas until one is worthy.
  6. AGameReviewer

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    I know ideas for the story mode. It starts off with you at the hub, and you could choose between 'quests" for example, Sonic, Mario or Megaman(if you have noticed, I went from Easy to Medium to Hard. There would be player interactions, such as bouncing off of someones head. When you beat a level, you become invincible and can't get hurt, however you can't interact with anything but the ground and can die by falling into pits. You get medals or costumes for beating quests, and when you complete them all, you rank up then get more quests.
  7. Psychotix

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    I like this idea. Perhaps Exploding Rabbit could tackle this kind of project at some point. They have the potential!
  8. mitsymckenzie777

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    How bout this? Zelda 2 The  Adventure of Link Crossover.png

    Things could possibly work like this
    Mario would join in Rauru 1st Quest
    Simon would join in Ruto after showing him the Candle as a symbol of light
    Jason would join in Saria but would not have Sophia III til you find it along side the Hammer in Death Mountain
    Ryu would join you in Mido after you find the Raft
    Samus would be in Nabooru by the fountain and would join after you get Fire spell as a proof of strength
    Bill would be in Darunia shooting rapidly at the sky talk a towns person till they turn into a bat and lead it to bill's shots and he will join
    Bass would be in Kasuto in an abandoned house saying he did not destroy the town and is hunting Mega Man defeat him with Mega Man and he will join
    Mega Man will join in New Kasuto in the name of Justice.
    Luigi would be found in Rauru after you beat the game once and join your party completing your collection of characters

    Certain items and spells would give new abilities to characters such as Mario would get Mushroom Magic from the Glove and be able to break blocks after casting it. Fire magic would give Mario Flower Magic he can then shoot fire after casting. Some abilities such as Simons Cross or Mega Man's/Bass' weapons would take magic per use

    Just a cool idea if Jay decides to make another fan game after SMBC and SRS are complete.
    EDIT: on the map screen you can choose which character you use on the action screen by pressing the C key the flute and hammer could be Z and X keys like A and B were in SMBC.
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  9. Psychotix

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    That would be incredible.
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