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    Hello everyone, I would like to request Wolverine from the Nes title also known as "Wolverine" And I'm currently working on making all the stuff available from the get go so Jay doesn't have to rip the stuff or have guess work.(I apologize that I will end up double posting but it's only due to the image limit within the post.)

    Currently I have every frame ripped, even the claws extended, but I didn't make any gifs for those, and I simply made each gif to show how each animation is animated, and how it lines up, and I took very careful care to make sure each animation is down to the letter.

    Berzeker/Star Power berzerkerstarflash.gif

    Crawling crawling.gif

    Ducking/standing duckingstanding.gif

    Invulnerable after hit invulnerableafterhit.gif

    Punching while jumping jumppunch.gif

    Hit and dying killed.gif

    Duck punch punchduck.gif

    Punch Punch Kick punchpunchkick.gif

    Running running.gif

    Swimming swimming.gif

    I think Wolverine will be the first non Mario character that can swim. Only thing to really change slightly is Wolverine being able to punch while swimming, and that's pretty much it. So he can punch the cheep cheeps and the Bloobers.

    There is a Berzerker meter that fills as Wolverine defeats enemies and it makes him attack wildly and makes him invulnerable. You have to jump in order to keep moving though although you can still run it's probably only gonna be for a few steps before he goes attacking again, and it's a tinny bit random on if he attacks the full combo or part of it while running on the ground, but he just needs to touch an enemy in this state and they'll die.

    The range of his punches is actually a bit longer than it appears, just a little, like maybe a hair or two longer than the tips of his claws, even when they aren't extended. His claws flicker rapidly while extended and naturally deal more damage.

    Thinking after he gets the mushroom he then gets the Burger to make his claws come out, and then after that he keeps getting the bottle which also fills up his berzerker meter. Will go into further details next post.
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  2. Mega Man Model T 101

    Mega Man Model T 101 Level 2: Koopa

    Ok, continuing on. Only other thing left to edit is Wolerine's jump height. I took a picture while he was at his maximum height, and cut it out along with the very tip of the floor, put it over the Mario background, removed it, and thus is the picture below.

    Not bad, but certainly needs a bit more oomph in order to reach the top of the blocks. wolverineheightexample.png

    How his jumping animation goes with his standing. wolverinestandjump.gif

    Wolverine is a very precise jumper, if you let go of the direction mid jump, he'll stop pretty much instantly, and if you go moving it again, or in another direction, he'll go that way. His jumps move pretty much as fast as his running, and doesn't need build up to move fast. This can make his jumps easier or trickier to maneuver but not impossible, and he can stand on a ledge with a single foot. However, if the front foot isn't touching and you're trying to use the punch punch kick combo, he'll only do two punches, as he won't kick with his back leg as it's the only one supporting him on the ledge.

    He can also punch out things you wouldn't think he'd be able to, like a rocket. So why would a bullet bill be any different? He can also probably deal with buzzy beetles without any real trouble either.
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    SOPHIA. And possibly Mega Man when/if Rush Marine is added (I'm assuming that's what that will be for, anyway).

    Anyway, I'm neutral on this, though (as I'm sure you know) Wolverine is pretty unlikely due to not being the most notable NES character. He also seems a bit bland atm, aside from his Berserker thing, but not every character needs 50 million powerups and moves to be interesting. I definitely like the thought you put into this, though.
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  4. Mega Man Model T 101

    Mega Man Model T 101 Level 2: Koopa

    I understand what ya mean, but thanks for commenting on the thought I put into this. After all, I think more thought and effort put into it helps more than simply asking. Especially if you can do most of the leg work.

    Anyway I've included the sheet with all the animations and pallets, including the two power ups, along with one of Wolverine's mugshots in the game. It's a bit big for the actual mugshot size, but it's something to go on. I'll rip the other one later. I think it's a bit better.

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  5. Mega Man Model T 101

    Mega Man Model T 101 Level 2: Koopa

    Alright, here the other Wolverine Mugshot from within the game. A bit big still I know, but it gives us something to work with. wolverinemugshot.png

    And with a bit of help from ReNeX, we now have all the sounds for Wolverine up for download!

    All that's really left to do is rip the music from the Nes title, and I think I have an idea of music for when playing the Snes skins, but noooo clue for GB.

    Speaking of the Snes Skin, there is a sprite of Wolverine for the Snes that's pretty much this exact sprite! Only it's missing the second punch, kick, crawl and swim animations. Check it out.
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    Good idea i would like to see Wolverine in the game,it would be awesome.

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