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Discussion in 'Exploding Rabbit' started by Greaterkax, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Greaterkax

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    Hey, where is admin? We are waiting!!!
    Need info! It important
  2. Omicron

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    What is this about?
  3. uglyrodent

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    This is not the proper way to contact a mod, but I can't really find out where it lists all of them, so here they are:
    -thecatreturns123 and Dinospy_01 are both minor mods and probably can't help since you're looking for an admin.
    -Ganymede, DeviantDiscordian and ็‹‚ไบบใ•ใ‚“ (we call him kyoo) are all global mods and may be able to help with what you want. I would advise asking kyoo if any of them because he's the most active.
    EDIT: Shit...I forgot aliceandsven. I'm always forgetting he's a mod >_<
    He's WAY more active than kyoo, and most of the time more helpful (although kyoo's niche knowledge is incredibly valuable at times)
    -If you have a question about SMBC's graphics, you should go for Ryuza or sbq92
    -If you have a question about SMBC's programming, you want ReNeX or...fuck, who's the other one...well he/she isn't terribly active, so you want ReNeX
    -If you want to talk to a partying lagomorph, contact Squiggy Forever
    -You can also message Exploding Rabbit himself, but he's pretty busy so I wouldn't do so.

    To message someone simply hover your mouse over "Inbox" near the top right (it'll be next to your username) and click "Start New Conversation". Type in the name of the people you want to send it to (feel free to copy-paste from this post, I think I got everything spelled right) in the appropriate box. Then add the title of your message and the message itself where it asks you to.

    You could also just post your question here. A lot of us non-mod members are pretty knowledgeable about SMBC and other site stuff.
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  4. aliceandsven

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    "blue text"

    Um.. yeah
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  5. twinAgkistrodon

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    Maybe you should require a certain number of posts before you can make a thread.
    Maybe 10-20?
  6. uglyrodent

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    I think this has been discussed before.

    Everyone hated the idea.
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  7. twinAgkistrodon

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    Ok then.

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