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    For each world you pick a character and you can only use that character for that world. But you have to think through which character you use for a world because you can not use that character again for another world. Example: If for World 1 you use Simon then you can not use Simon again for another world.
    You can use skins but if you pick one for a character then you can't change it, you must beat that world with that skin. Also a skin does not count as a different character even if it plays different. So if example you beat a world with Quick Man you can't go and use Bass for another.
    There are 8 worlds and 10 characters, so you will use out 8 characters out of the 10 and will not use 2.
    You can't use warp zones, you must play all 8 Worlds.

    As you can tell this is a more strategic challenge. You must decide for which world which character would be the best. The challenge's difficulty depends a lot on your knowledge how well you know the worlds and the characters.

    Here is what characters I used for my playthrough:
    World 1: Ryu
    World 2: Link
    World 3: Simon
    World 4: SOPHIA
    World 5: Samus
    World 6: Bill
    World 7: Bass
    World 8: Proto Man
    Characters not used: Mario, Luigi

    Post what characters did you used in the challenge.
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