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Discussion in 'Characters' started by Zeoinx, May 5, 2016.

  1. Zeoinx

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    So here is my top tier character requests.

    Snake-Eyes from the GI-Joe NES title.
    = Weapon Power gets stronger with each power up.
    = Snake Eyes combines both melee and ranged attacks and just moves more fluid compared to Ryu, doesn't have a climb though, but he does have an extremely high jump height.

    Jay McCray from the Journey to Silius NES Title
    = Ammo and HP Drops when killing enemies, power up's unlock other weapons.
    = Possible new tile set for background can be incorporated to give the levels a post apoc look
    using Journey to Silius tiles.

    Batman from the Batman NES title.
    (Not Batman returns, not Batman : Return of the Joker, just PLAIN Batman)
    = Fun physics and movement style would be a great addition.
    = Ammo and HP Drops on enemy death.
    = Possible Gotham City tile set?

    Teen from Nightmare on Elm Street NES title
    = Great Unique Power Up's to pick from. Ninja, Acrobat, Wizard, each with some unique movement style. Ninja would be fun to attempt to speed run with. Wizard would be a nice one to try to do hard mode on.

    Chip & Dale from Rescue Rangers NES Game.
    = Hard to Implement, but could grab Bricks, and Q Blocks, Q Blocks could be hidden inside and used as a shield similar to the original title and dropped directly in front of them. Bricks could then be thrown across the screen.

    Peach from Mario 2
    = Why isnt this done already? lol
    = Unique Hover Jump... Just fun to play as.
  2. Starz Lol

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    Sorry to burst your bubble, but SMBC is dead. It's been dead for about a year or two.

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