Super Mario Bros. Crossover News Ticker Items

A list of items that appear in the news ticker on the title screen

  1. Jay
    The following is a list of items that appear in the news ticker at the top of the title screen. Some have been removed or modified to remove redundant information.
    • Be sure to try all of the map difficulties. Easy mode makes the game more about collecting coins, and hard mode really tests your skills.
    • The special map set is from a game called Super Mario Bros. Special, made by Hudson in 1986.
    • There is a hidden bee item in every level of hard mode. Can you find them all?
    • When calling Rush, hold up to have him appear directly where you are.
    • Some enemies have armor and can't be hurt by normal attacks. Try different weapons to find out which ones can pierce their armor.
    • Watch out for strangely colored Mushrooms. They're poisonous and will hurt you!
    • When Link collects a Mushroom, he gets the Blue Ring, which protects him from his own bombs.
    • Ice Man can freeze enemies with his charged shots. Be careful, though, they aren't frozen for long!
    • Be careful when playing as Proto Man. When he gets hit, he gets knocked back farther than Mega Man.
    • Some skins are different from the base character. These differences can be seen on the skin selection menu.
    • Quick Man is a Bass skin, but he can't double jump or dash like Bass can.
    • Watch out for red Piranha Plants. They come out of the pipe even if you're standing next to it.
    • Check the Cheats menu to find out how to unlock cheats. Some of them can be fun challenges.
    • Look for Clocks in hard mode levels. They'll give you enough time to finish the level.
    • For an extra challenge, try playing the hard mode maps with all the hardest settings.
    • The Bee item looks different on some skins, but it always looks like something fun to collect.
    • It is possible to enter a code to unlock all the cheats in the game.
    • Link can attack upward and downward while on the ground and he can thrust upward or downward while in the air.
    • Samus's shots can't pass through walls unless she has the Wave Beam.
    • The Varia Suit protects Samus from firebars, but not Podoboos or Bowser's fire breath.
    • Most character skins rescue someone different from Bowser.
    • If a jump looks too long or high for Mega Man, call his dog Rush for help.
    • As Mega Man or Bass, pressing Special and Select will cycle through weapons left and right, respectively.
    • With the right items, SOPHIA can climb walls and ceilings.
    • Simon's stopwatch can't stop Lakitu, but it can stop Bowser.
    • In the Lost Levels, Lakitu appears in the middle of some levels instead of the top.
    • The Lost Levels has 52 levels. The original SMB and Special both have 32.
    • Green springs launch you high in the air for about 6 seconds.
    • Some Hammer Bros. chase you immediately.
    • Fire Man is immune to firebars, but when hit he gets knocked back farther than Mega Man.
    • The All Night Nippon skin comes from a Japan-only version of SMB that was made for a radio show raffle prize.
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