Super Mario Bros. Crossover Ryu Hayabusa

Ryu Hayabusa, from Ninja Gaiden, is a playable character in Super Mario Bros. Crossover.

  1. Jay
    Ryu Hayabusa is from Ninja Gaiden for the Nintendo Entertainment System. He was added to Super Mario Bros. Crossover in version 1.1.


    • Arrows - move left or right; climb up or down (while climbing)
    • Jump (Z) - press while on the ground to jump; see Climbing Controls below for use while attached to a wall
    • Attack (X) - stab with sword; uses ninpo while climbing
    • Special (C) - use current ninpo
    • Select (A) - uses second ninpo in classic power-up mode (requires fire power)

    Climbing Controls

    • Down + Jump - detaches from a wall without jumping
    • Away + Jump - jumps off of the wall
    • Jump (near top of wall) - jumps straight up, allowing you to vault over the wall

    Gameplay Notes

    • Ryu can attach to walls by jumping into them
    • Ninpo can be used while climbing
    • Using ninpo requires ammo
      • Get more by defeating enemies or hitting blocks
    • Ryu's armor-piercing weapon is Windmill Shuriken


    Click on an image below to view the sprite sheet for that skin.

    NameOriginSpecial Effects
    [​IMG]Ryu HayabusaNinja GaidenNone
    [​IMG]Ryu HayabusaNinja Gaiden Trilogy (Modified)None
    [​IMG]Ryu HayabusaNinja Gaiden ShadowNone
    [​IMG]Ryu HayabusaNinja Gaiden (Sega Master System)None
    [​IMG]Ryu HayabusaSharp X1None
    [​IMG]Ryu HayabusaAtari 2600None
    [​IMG]Ryu Hayabusa (Clone)Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of ChaosNone
    [​IMG]HayateShadow of the NinjaNone
    [​IMG]KaedeShadow of the NinjaNone
    [​IMG]ShadowFinal Fantasy VINone
    [​IMG]Haggle ManRetro Game Challenge: Robot Ninja Haggle Man 3Attacks hit faster
    [​IMG]Haggle Man (16-bit)Retro Game Challenge: Robot Ninja Haggle Man 3Attacks hit faster

    Sprite Sheet

    The two standing sprites on the top right of the sheet are used for idle animations.
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