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Discussion in 'Features' started by TheomanZero, Jul 28, 2012.

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    I like the Blue Ring and Red Ring as items, as the multiple color schemes make Link more visually interesting, but attaching them to any other items would just feel tacked-on. However, some people don't like what the Rings do in SMBC: it's been pointed out that Bombs didn't damage Link in the original LoZ, so the Blue Ring is unfaithful, and some people think that Link should start with the Sword Beams, or they should be attached to the Magic Sword, or Mushroom, or something else. Since the original function of the Rings (reducing damage) is not relevant to SMBC, I offer new functions based on similar items from later games:

    Blue Ring: Allows Link to swim in water, Link's Awakening-style
    Justification: The Zora Armor from Twilight Princess allowed underwater swimming, and it was also a blue outfit.

    Red Ring: Makes Link immune to firebars in castles (like Samus' Varia Suit)
    Justification: The Goron Tunic from Ocarina of Time allowed Link to stay in hot areas without getting hurt and prevented fire-based attacks and obstacles from setting him on fire, and it was also a red outfit.

    I'm not one hundred percent happy with these ideas (I'd be fine with swimming being an inherent ability for Link, and the firebar thing is a bit of a stretch), not am I particularly unsatisfied with the Rings' current functions (although I would like the Magic Sword and Red Ring to be separate again). However, as I said above, I know other people are unhappy, so I'd like to know what you think of these ideas.
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    I think they're great alternatives. Plus the Magic Sword can be added back for the Sword beam ability.
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    That's not a canonical use for the red ring.
  4. Blasterott18

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    Sorry, I've never played the first LoZ, so my facts are a bit mixed up.
  5. Mitewing

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    I for one don't like how in 2.1 the Blue Ring is part of the Mushroom. So the only time you don't gave it you only have one hit point anyway. I think it's not appreciated now since it's automatically part of your second hit point. I don't know if I should create a new thread for this grievance or not since it's related to this thread.
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    This still should be done in my opinion. Regarding the Blue Ring's current function, the NES and Link's Awakening Link should be invincible to Bombs anyway to stay true to the games. It wasn't until A Link to the Past that he could be hurt by them. The Sword Beam can easily be moved to the Magic/Master Sword instead of the Red Ring.
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    Here's a summary and an additional idea for this:

    1. Separate Blue Ring from Mushroom
    2. Change Blue Ring ability to swimming and Red Ring ability to firebar immunity.
    3. Make primary Link skins immune to bombs (based on LoZ and LA gameplay), with some exceptions (ALTTP based skin, for example, and possible new skins, like Darknut, who is weak to bombs, just like in the games.)
    4. Mushroom gives Link sword beam, because he is at FULL HEALTH in SMBC. If that's OP then give sword beam to the Magic Sword.
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    Bumping this to make the reaffirmation that in A Link to the Past, Link doesn't get the Sword Beam until he gets the Master Sword. Then the Legend of Zelda's comparable sword, the Magic Sword, should do this. This makes much more sense than the Red Ring.

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