Make a list of every song in the game in the resources page

Discussion in 'Features' started by UltraMario3000, Jul 2, 2015.

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    Basically what the thread title says. I know there has been requests for a Sound Test before, but that's not what this is. I remember back when there was the wiki that it had a listing of some of the songs. Or maybe I'm misremembering. Anywa, I just want a convenient way of knowing all the songs in the game without having to play every skin or what not. It'd be pretty sweet imo. I remember I actually attempted a playlist on my YouTube that had all the songs in the game, and I used the wiki as a reference, but that project of mine died out. It would be nice to revive though, which is another reason it'd be nice to have a track listing.
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    Good times.
    If anyone were to do that it'd probably be me, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to put the necessary time and effort into this. I would be delighted to hand over the role of statistics nerd though.
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    Oh, okay. Hopefully this works out though. :)
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    Okay, after I did a bit of digging, I managed to come across this:

    Apparently, it's from 2014, which I also think when was when SMBC may have last been updated. Although some songs may have been replaced or removed. It depends on if this page is up to date or not. Also, the page says it's a stub, so chances are, it's incomplete. Although this could still be something you can use in making this list a little bit easier to do. ;)
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    If I recall correctly, it never actually got finished, but you're welcome to take a stab at it. It would appear that Jay hasn't put much wiki-type stuff in the resources. I don't know if this would fit with how he wants the resources to be (I also don't believe I have the power to make new resource pages), but you're welcome to put it in this thread. Just make sure to put it in spoiler tags ;)
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  6. Jay

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    Yeah something like that would belong in resources. I created a new category called Community in the SMBC section that allows anyone with more than 5 posts to create a resource.
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    Well I would take a jab at it, but I don't really have any devices that I can play SMBC on atm. :(

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