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    I know SMBC is not currently being worked on, but I thought I'd make a hypothetical discussion. We simply need to look at other games, primarily Super C, Operation C, and Contra III.

    Super C:
    1. Simply change the Flame Weapon to the one found in this game.
    2. Another idea is to add the secondary crouch sprite as an option. This sprite is only used when the player ducks on an incline. This would give Lance two stances: Crouch and Prone

    Operation C:
    1. Make the Machine Gun the default weapon. This is the first time in the series this occurs. I do not know if retains its damage amount or not, however. This change makes room for the next weapon...
    2. The Homing Gun. In Operation C, it's similar to the Spread Gun, but only 3 bullets come out at a time; and it seeks enemies similar to SOPHIA's missiles. But in...

    Contra III:
    1. The Homing Gun now shoots rapid fire missiles one at a time, and the sprites would actually look like missiles.
    2. The Laser looks and I believe behaves a bit differently. It kinda looks like the Laser from Gradius (another Konami game).

    So these are all possible ways Lance can be different. Now to discuss which would work best overall.
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    I think Lance isn't well-known enough to be his own character, and he's always just been a clone of Bill in the Contra games anyway. Adding more clone-like characters would probably just confuse people.
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    I understand where you're coming from. Lance isn't as well-known and people probably know him as Player 2. But at the same time, I don't think you give the players enough credit. Regardless, stating the games where the characters originate when selected should help. (Example: Bill uses Contra sprites and Lance uses Super C sprites)

    My ideas originate from from representing the various 8-bit games that have differences in gameplay. This gives more variations without having to create a new player from scratch.

    I explore this further in this thread:

    Clones may not necessarily be a bad thing if it adds to the game logically. Super Smash Bros is a good example I think (except the Ganondorf situation. Lol).
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