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Discussion in 'Characters' started by Jay, May 16, 2010.

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  1. Jay

    Jay Level 13: ER Team

    This thread is for general discussion of character requests.
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  2. Vinstigator

    Vinstigator Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

    Character Requests

    I know you wanna have mostly 8 bit characters in the game but if you put in Crono from Chrono Trigger, you'd be my hero. He's got a ton of attack animations. Check it out...


    Also check out this game that an old friend of mine made so you can see how Crono would do in a sidescroller...

    I mean, who wouldn't love going through the mushroom kingdom slicing up goombas Smash Bros. style? Oh and I pesonally think Sonic would be a cool character to add regardless of him being a Sega character. I would love doing his spin dash to break through bricks and roll through goombas!
  3. jg hollowell

    jg hollowell Level 2: Koopa

    Character Requests


    I have a list -shuffles papers-

    I think Firebrand (gargoyle's quest II) would be a likely candidate for the mario world, because his strength is his ability to catch and float. And his music is badass. The feel of it would make beating through the game with megaman totally worth it. (I link it with megaman because they're both capcom. Nerdgasms would be had if you linked the characters)

    I also think Ryu Hayabusa (ninja gaiden) would make a good candidate. He'd be challenging, but he could be built to become Bill R.-like.

    with Ryu, I think Rygar might be a fun addition.

    like, Kirby? Should definitely be only obtainable by beating the game with Link AND mario. Kirby would be kind of OP in the super mario world.

    And then there's Billy "Big Bang" Blitz, Clash at demonhead. Low G Man, who would just be fun to play.

    I love this game man, you did a great job.
  4. Cid

    Cid Level 1: Goomba

    Character Requests

    Kirby is a nice idea. Even if he doesn't have his ability to copy opponents or infinitely fly (like he did in Kirby's Adventure), he'd still be fun to play if he brought some power-ups from his world.

    I also agree on Ryu Hayabusa. Having played Ninja Gaiden, it would be awesome, clinging onto walls and pipes like a ninja. Very nostalgic.

    Firebrand is also cool to play as, but if we're going to consider his universe, how about Arthur from Ghosts 'n Goblins? His game was freakin' hard, but he might be a fun challenge in the Mario universe, except his jumps don't really work that well.

    You could make Sonic as an unlockable character, I would love zipping through the levels with his Spin Dash, though him not coming from the NES and being immensely overpowered, I'd rather have him unlocked in a difficult method so that it would be fair.

    Uncle Scrooge from Duck Tales would be awesome, though I'm not sure how his power-ups could be implemented, so a little creativity is needed, I guess.

    Lastly, Kid Icarus. He's pretty much like Samus, coming from a sister game and also from the NES, and putting him in the game wouldn't be that hard to implement, having Fire Arrows and Long Ranged Arrows like he did in the game.

    Keep up the good work, Jay. It's awesome that you plan on continuing this great game's development, and thanks for creating a game filled with wonderful ideas.
  5. Hollywood

    Hollywood Level 0: Newbie

    Character Requests

    Too many obvious characters suggested. :p

    I like that you put the guy from Contra in, even though it was kind of off the wall for him to be in the game. I got one for you along those lines: Bo Jackson from Tecmo Super Bowl. If you ever played that game, you know exactly what I'm talking about, the guy was in roid mode in that game. Would be hilarious to see him in this project. A mushroom/fire flower could make him ridiculously fast and holding be lets you run through bricks on the ground and enemies. Would be pretty funny stuff. :o.o:
  6. nerodrago

    nerodrago Level 1: Goomba

    Character Requests

    These I think would be be fun additions to the game.

    Kid Icarus
    Ninja Turtles
    Thomas from kung-fu
    Jimmy or billy lee from double dragon
    Protoman from megaman (why not his song kicks butt)
    Various other bosses from megaman.
    ryu from ninja gaiden
    Other Characters from castlevania.
    Bionic Commando guy.

    Just a little list.
  7. Groover

    Groover Level 5: Spiny

    Character Requests

    Knuckles from Sonic. Of course Sonic too :)

    Donatello from Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles ! He can have long damage range and lots of weapons.

    At last one superhero from Marvel. Maybe Spiderman or Hulk.
  8. Urutsune

    Urutsune Level 6: Lakitu

    Character Requests

    Well I just write down my character suggestions.

    Firebrand from gargoyle quest II - He would be just epic. He is one of the characters I would like to see the most in the game

    Ryu Hayabusa from Nninja Gaiden - Like with Firebrand I would love to see him in just as samely much

    Pit from Kid Icarus - Yeah, why the heck not? He could have maybe the shield as a special, he could use it for blocking attacks like Bowser's flame example.

    Master Higgins from Adventure Island - He would fit in greatly too. Not to mention it would be awesome to have another character who could run and swim too. He is slower then Mario, so Mario would still be same useful.

    Arthur from Ghosts 'n Goblins - He could perfectly work well too. His attack would be really powerful since his attack is strong and fast. For fireflower he could get dagger throw. For special move he could have torch throwing what would be unique attack. Just like with Simon he would need to have double jump since he is samely bad at jumping (funny, looks like demon killers are all bad at jumping the exact same way)

    SOPHIA battle tank from Blaster Master - Would be another great character for the game.

    Kirby - Well with limited flying and if you could choose out good powerups for him then he would be good.

    Rygar - I am not sure about him, his attack would be okay. But his tools would be not really okay for the game. He has grappling what could not work in the game plus the wind pulley and the crossbow could not be used up. He would not have anything what would make him anyway special. But if you could think out something for him then he would be good.

    Luigi - I almost forgot about him. Luigi should be avaible... well because he is avaible to play as in the SMB2j. So he should be in it. I am sure he would not be difficult to make.

    And now something for the Sonic fans! There is only one sprite what would be okay for the game and that is this one: ... nic1MS.gif
    It is from the master system's Sonic the Hedgehog. The stuff with that is
    1. it has no spindash. So forgot about haveing the possibilty haveing a spindash move (you could still run and roll tho)
    2. Sonic don't have a single special move or power up what eliminates him from be able to in the game.
    3. I think the sprite is too much small, Sonic would look really weird, but that is only my opinion
    The sprites from Sonic Chaos (aka Sonic and Tails) is waaaay too much not good for NES graphics. So that could not be used. I hope this showed out some important stuffs why Sonic could not be in it. I really love Sonic, it was my first favorite game series. But he just could not work for this game.
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  9. DA_Reid

    DA_Reid Level 1: Goomba

    Character Requests

    Master Higgins NEEDS to be in this game, and I'm willing to get all the materials needed to make that happen.

    Heck, I've been playing Adventure Island 2 and 3 just to prepare for the possibility. Also, if you haven't done any insight onto how he'd work yet, here's a couple suggestions.

    Regular Higgins wouldn't have ANY weapons just as he was in the games. The mushroom would award him with Hatchets, and the Fire Flower would give him his boomerang.

    As for music, the overworld stages could use the theme, "Coastal Clash", and the underground areas can have the "Bottomless Pit" music. The water stages would use the "In the Abyss" song, and the castles would have the Boss theme (I've always loved that song). Anyway, I've included links to the songs at the end of this post.

    As for the sprites themselves, I'm actually in the process of ripping a full spritesheet of Higgins as we speak (or type, rather), in the case you want to add him, but don't have everything you need (I've looked all around the internet, and have yet to find an entire spritesheet of him. I'm doing the Adventure Island 3 version also, since it has the ducking ability.)

    So yeah, I'll end this post for now. If you want to add him and need ANY materials, I'll be more than happy to provide. Until then, this is Reid', over and out.

    Coastal Clash (overworld):

    Bottomless Pit (underground):

    In the Abyss (underwater):

    Boss Theme (castle):

    Stage Clear:

    Lose a Life:

    Low on time:
  10. Darkshadowmark

    Darkshadowmark Level 5: Spiny

    Character Requests

    i've seen a shadow sprite running around. that would be really cool.

    personally blaze would be a great addition to the game. fire powers galore.

    and now that i think of it a newer samus would be cooler, like from Metroid fusion.
  11. Aristeus

    Aristeus Level 1: Goomba

    Character Requests

    i like kirby so maybe him.
    but he can't copy so maybe after a mushroomhet gets :fire power
    and after a fire flower he gets :fichting power or somefing.

    or sonic
    Ninja Turtles
    kid arcus
    and ryu from ninja gaiden of course to.
  12. Vinstigator

    Vinstigator Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

    Character Requests

    Da_Reid's post just reminded me about which music should be used when playing as Crono...

    Crono's Theme (Overworld):

    Black Omen (underground):

    World Revolution (Castle):

    Peaceful Days (Underwater):

    Shot of Crisis (Low On Time):

    Lucca's Theme/Victory Fanfare (Stage Clear):

    Mystery From The Past (Lose A Life):
    To My Dear Friends (Ending Theme):

    Wow listening to all that music brought back some memories. I know people would play through the game as Crono just to hear all of the music! We may never see Crono in a Mario game. But hell, 2 months ago we never thought we'd see Megaman in a Mario game so you never know ;)

    EDIT: Oh and I forgot about the sound that plays when you select your character. Here's Crono's...

    Also when you select him, you can have him do his victory pose. Here's some gameplay footage...

  13. gabrielwoj

    gabrielwoj Level 1: Goomba

  14. madrox8

    madrox8 Level 2: Koopa

    Character Requests

    I wish i could remember all the NES charactes i could remember, but i was like 3-6 dureing that time then the snes came out, but if i have to request any character it would be kirby. been requested i know but common, its kirby >_>
  15. BlueJackle

    BlueJackle Level 2: Koopa

    Character Requests

    BUCKY O'HARE! This game is lacking green space rabbits. It's a shame, really.
  16. RedXe

    RedXe Level 3: Paratroopa

    Character Requests

    Peach and Toad of the US Super Mario 2. Both would be like Mario for mushrooms, they grow big. With fire flower giving Peach her float and/or super jump (by holding down) while toad could pick up and throw blocks, and maybe a few enemies.
  17. jg hollowell

    jg hollowell Level 2: Koopa

    Character Requests

    okay, i'm really liking all the feedback from this. I know it gets a little overwhelming, so perhaps lets all suggest just ONE character we'd like to see, as well as keeping this alive with new suggestive ideas.

    I personally like the NES characters only camp still. But I wouldn't mind seeing cross-gen and cross-system characters.

    I like the master higgins idea, adventure islands one of my faves.
  18. Gadjitmunkey

    Gadjitmunkey Level 4: Buzzy Beetle

    Character Requests

    Kirby definitely belongs in this game, but he needs a few changes to not be overpowered.
    Maybe instead of floating, just give him a double jump kinda like Simon?
    Or you could just put extra enemies in when you play as Kirby.
  19. SeanEBlog

    SeanEBlog Level 3: Paratroopa

    Character Requests

    I made this to troll 4chan but also because I wanted in the game.
    S + Up:Switch Turtle.
    S use sub weapon.
    Mushroom, Activates each turtles sub weapon (Star, triple Star, boomerang, Scroll weapon.)
    Fire Flower, Enables spin attack.
    If you do decide to include TMNT, please recreate the dancing turtle bug, where if you stop walking while holding up, you would walk in place. So that way we can dance while switching turtles.

    I read some that you wanted to include the SHOPIA battle tank from Blaster Master, are you still working on that because Blaster Master is my favorite NES game.
  20. Urutsune

    Urutsune Level 6: Lakitu

    Character Requests

    First, that TMNT idea looks fully okay. It has everything what a character needs. You got my approval for it! I support the idea.

    Second, I have a character suggestion. But since it is most likely a game nobody heard of on the NES, I would like to hear your opinnions guys.
    The character I want to suggest is from a game called Shatterhand. What kind of game Shatterhand is? It is an ordinary platform, It is similar to Contra, the difference is that instead of doing major destruction with guns, you do the major destruction with you hands. You control a guy named Steve Hermann whos weapon is nothing else then his own fists. He is a ONCE WAS police officer who lost both of his arms. After the incidennt he gained two special cybernetic arms as a replacement for his lost arms. Now he works as a special agent under the codename Shatterhand.
    But enough talkie about the character's story. Here is a video which shows the gameplay of the game.

    What you have learned from this video is 4 thing.
    1.Nobody can mess with that dude
    2.He can get awesome robot helpers whiches are actually called "robotic satellites"
    3.He can get some powerup what change his clothes to red and what makes his strength greatly higher
    4.It has a kick ass music

    Something you could not see from the video and what is actually an incredibly important ability for him is that he can destroy ANY projectile with punching. So in SMBC imagine him as that he could destroy Bowser Flames, Hammers and Bullet Bills with his fists. Also he actually have allot of robotic helpers and sadly my personal favorite "The Big Ass Flamethrower" was not shown.
    So this is it, Shatterhand! What do you guys think? Would he be good for SMBC? Coz I think he would be brutal.
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