Super Mario Bros Crossover 3.0

This is our biggest update so far, and there are now 192 levels in the game.

  1. Ryuza

    Ryuza Level 6: Lakitu

    Super Mario bros. Crossover 3.0 Released

    If it doesn't work right away try a refreshing with shift+f5 a few times and it should eventually come up. Feel free to discuss the update here. :D

    • Added Super Mario Bros. Special (SMBS) levels
    • Added Easy and Hard versions of all levels
    • Added enemies and power-ups from SMBS
      • Barrel, Fighter Fly, Firebug, Icicle, Sidestepper
      • Clock, Hammer, Hudson Bee, Lucky Star, Wing
    • Added Poison Mushrooms
    • Added full screen mode
    • Added skin sets: SMB2 NES, SMB2 SNES, Castlevania, SMB Special, SMB Atari
    • Added skins for Bass: Bass (Sharp X1), Bass (Atari), Dr. Cossack (8B), Dr. Cossack (16B), Gemini Man (8B), Gemini Man (16B)
    • Added skins for Bill: Bill (Sharp X1), Bill (Atari), RD-008 (GB), RC-011 (GB)
    • Added skins for Link: Link (Sharp X1), Link (Atari), Zelda (16B), Zelda (GB), Ralph (GB), Christine (8B), Erdrick (8B), Roto (16B), Loto (GB), Benjamin (16B)
    • Added skins for Luigi: Luigi (Sharp X1), Luigi (Atari), Space Luigi (GB), Toadstool (16B)
    • Added skins for Mario: Mario (Sharp X1), Mario (Atari), Space Mario (GB), Toad (16-B)
    • Added skins for Mega Man: Mega Man (Sharp X1), Mega Man (Atari), Mega Man (no helmet) (GB), Rock (8B), Rock (16B), Break Man (GB), Dr. Light (8B), Cut Man (8B), Ice Man (8B)
    • Added skins for Ryu: Ryu (Sharp X1), Ryu (Atari), Ryu (Sega Master System)
    • Added skins for Samus: Samus (Sharp X1), Samus (Atari), Samus (no suit) (16B), Samus (alternate no suit) (16B)
    • Added skins for Simon: Simon (Sharp X1), Simon (Atari), Trevor? (8B), Trevor? (16B), Richter (8B), Richter (16B), Sonia (GB), Alex (8B), Kunio (16B)
    • Added skins for SOPHIA: SOPHIA (Sharp X1), SOPHIA (Atari), SOPHIA (alternate) (16B), Tetrimino (16B)
    • Some skins behave differently than character: Quick Man (8B,16B), Rock (8B,16B), Proto/Break Man (8B,16B,GB), Cut Man (8B), Ice Man (8B), Haggle Man (8B,16B), Pit (8B)
    • Difficulty settings are now more customizable
    • Added menu for selecting skins
    • Added skin description bar to skin selection menu
    • Added several new cheats and a new method for unlocking all cheats
    • Added news and info ticker to title screen
    • Two keys changed due to various browser behaviors: Tab (Select) has been changed to A, and Escape (Start) has been changed to Enter
    • Added coin sound options to menu: Normal, Quiet, Off
    • Coin blocks and bricks now sometimes drop ammo for most characters
    • Helper platforms are no longer moving platforms and instead seamlessly blend in with levels
    • Added a seventh digit to score
    • Added a new weapon for Bass: Screw Crusher
    • Removed Metal Blade from Bass
    • Link and Ryu now have a sound effect for attacking an armored enemy
    • Ryu now deals a bit more damage, can jump a little bit higher, and the Windmill Shuriken can pierce armor
    • SOPHIA's shots now have different sound effects for the three different levels
    • Ammo now resets after death, and characters now start with more ammo
    • Kills on title screen no longer count toward cheat unlock totals
    • Koopas can now be killed by a strong attack, rather than always go into their shell
    • Fixed item icons when changing skins for some characters
    • Reinstated power-up for Samus: Missile expansion pack (increases maximum Missile capacity)
    • Reinstated power-ups for Link: Bomb Bag (increases maximum Bomb capacity), Quiver (increases maximum Arrow capacity)
    • Certain pits underwater now pull in Mario and Luigi
    • Fixed Bass' jumping above the water line in underwater levels
    • Piranha Plants don't come out of pipe regardless of your vertical position
    • Fixed several SOPHIA bugs
    • SOPHIA's homing missiles no longer recognize armored enemies
    • Mega Man and Bass now keep some weapons when hit
    • Several enemies now behave more accurately when hit from below and when falling off of ledges
    • Vines now animate
    • Removed forest foreground on Super Mario World skin
    • Shells can now hit blocks and bricks from the side
    • Modified damage and health values to make game more balanced
    • Overhauled enemy sheet from Demon Returns skin
    • Updated Mario and Luigi's portrait
    • Updated various skins' portraits
    • Updated tutorials that were out of date
    • Updated credits
    • Several modifications, updates, and fixes to existing skins
    • Many other changes and bug fixes
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  2. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    I can't wait until I get home!
  3. aliceandsven

    aliceandsven Level 9: Spike Top

    epic for the win

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  4. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    THE 4-2 PIPE
  5. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

  6. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

    It's the pipe that Mega Man enters at the end of the trailer. In SMBS, it actually freezes the game. But here, it gives you the BEST FUCKING THING EVER.
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  7. Ryuza

    Ryuza Level 6: Lakitu

    Let me know what guys think of the new 16-bit Sophia skin I made. :D
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  8. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    My guess is the Negative World. Amirite?
  9. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

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  10. Mitewing

    Mitewing Level 9: Spike Top

    I'm at work so I can't play it now. Lol
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  11. Faruga

    Faruga Level 12: Super Mod

  12. Crownjo

    Crownjo Level 7: Bloober

    Bigger and better. What else can I say?
  13. Frozsoul

    Frozsoul Level 6: Lakitu

    Congratulations to Jay and team for an EPIC update to SMBC!

    Hopefully the response from this announcement won't crash your servers! :)

    It's my favourite SOPHIA skin. Well done! :)
  14. Urutsune

    Urutsune Level 6: Lakitu

    And the winner of best level design in history is... Super Mario Bros Special!
    I am serious. I am just blown by how awesome the SMB Special stages are. good ol SMB almost feel not even worthy to play after seeing it. Gosh I am just speechless.

    Also ammo from breaking stuff on the stage? Castlevania just got real!

    Wow I still have to play a lot more til I find everything. SMB Special stages have like uncountable secrets so that will give me a lot to do as well.
    SMBC just got infinite times better!
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  15. 8bitwizard

    8bitwizard Level 5: Spiny

    for some reason the text above the game says: SMBC 3.0
    but the game says: 2.1.11
  16. Ryuza

    Ryuza Level 6: Lakitu

    You need to do a hard refresh, its shift+f5, it may take a few tries.
  17. 8bitwizard

    8bitwizard Level 5: Spiny

  18. Gillian_Seed

    Gillian_Seed Level 1: Goomba

    Just found out the code to get all cheats.

    It's the Contra code. I had a hunch that's what it would be once I heard the Contra intro theme upon selecting "Enter Code" in the menu.
  19. NES Boy

    NES Boy Level 3: Paratroopa

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  20. MissingNo2

    MissingNo2 Level 9: Spike Top

    Well the new bonus room is certainly... charming, I'll give them that. A bit blunt, but charming.

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